Press Tour 2014 with Mayor Buddy Dyer-The Citrus Bowl

When things are supposed to be great, there are no obstacles whatsoever ! In this beautiful Friday morning, sunny skies and great breeze, me and my friend Maida Manes from Jornal B&B went to the participate on the Tour Mayor Buddy Dyer organized for the Orlando media.

We were there wearing hard hats, protection glasses and vest, ready to learn what was about to be unveiled, but nothing would really prepare us to the greatness we were about to witness. The tour was initiated with a few words from Mayor Dyer, also recognizing the presence of recent elected City Commissioner Regina Hill. Renderings of the New Citrus Bowl were shown, to give us an idea of the structure we were about to see.

Right from the beginning, if you look at the structure that was put in place after 120 days since the demolition, it is amazing! A work of art turning the Citrus Bowl a  77-year-old stadium into something even greater than it already was. If you put in perspective all the trouble that Brazil went remodeling Maracanã and many other stadiums to host  the World Soccer Cup, with delays and several problems, and also considering that all funds came from Brazilian Federal and State Government, it is just magnificent that Orlando with funds from the City and County were able to perform the project with such a precision. Orange County and City of Orlando together in this great monument, showing  competence, an example to be followed.

The tour worked our way up to the top-level where we could really see all of it, all i can say is WOW! It was overwhelming! Buddy Dyer then asked a construction worker from Parramore to install one of the bleacher seats and once he was finished he said, the first seat! What a great moment! I was really taken by that historical moment.

The tour was a great source of information and to have an idea of all that is about to come. To the stadium the entire structure was enlarged and larger athlete courts were added, also a media center where interviews will take place and it didn’t exist before. Many other new features were added to the stadium including an exclusive entrance to large vehicles such as Monster Trucks, when hey come to perform in Orlando. The next tour  will be even more exciting, close to the conclusion that should be on time for UCF Football games, right around November. Now let’s check the pictures!