CFBACC-Business After Hours-New Presidency Officially Announced @BoiBrazil Churrascaria

In a great event organized by BoiBrazil  Churrascaria, CFBACC  members and guests reunited one more time to network and to witness President Amy Litter transfer command to Vice-President External Affairs Laiz Rodrigues.

For almost 3 years, they have worked side by side, improving and nurturing an organization that need care, and progress. After a long battle with many obstacles, we can say CFBACC has gone through the storm and it is thriving . Unfortunately, sometimes, personal sacrifices have consequences and our health doesn’t bounce as fast as we need it and that is why President Amy Litter is stepping down. Today she passed her gavel, with pride, happiness, a little nostalgia, but with sure that she did the best she could have done for our Chamber. We will miss her but she also continues her job at the Brazilian Citizen Council.

As per Vice President External Affairs Laiz Rodrigues, she takes over the Presidency Officially on August 15th, and said in her speech, ” The Train is changing engines but the Destination is still the same, success and growth” There is a lot to be done, to continue her Legacy and we will do. The event also had the presence of The Orlando Magic, the newest CFBACC Trustee, represented by Travis Apple and Haley Hosch Marketing Department, which the Chamber will have the honor to work  with .

CFBACC also thanked  the presence of members Alejandro Pezzini and Antonio Machado-Perfumeland, Volnei Rodrigues-Piquet Realty, Silvana Camner-BB&T, Fabio Silva-BrightWay, Mike Lublin & Aida Lublin-HomeQuoteHQ , Danila Martins-Avanti Resort, Marcelo Mattos USA President-FENACTUR, Dwight Howard-Equiti First Mortgage,  Barry Williams-AFLAC, Marilda Peele-MP USA Connect, Dan Peele-JET REALTY, David Fleming-Wealth Realty, Antonio and Helena Andrade-AVATAR, Dahlia Hayles-LegalShield, Khalid Muneer-Jupiter Properties, Monica Chavero-RMI Resource Management Inc.

Board Members Present-President Amy Litter, Vice President External Affairs Laiz Rodrigues, Treasurer Eraldo Manes and his wife Maida Manes, Director Dahlia Hayles and Executive Assistant Ademar Rodrigues.

Guests Bill Cloud-Merrill EDGE-Bank of America Corp., Simone Freitas-Freitas Law, Jeff Swirsky and Victoria Jennings-The Point Orlando Resort, Meri Ramos-Art gallerymeris, Attorney Simone Freitas, Augusto Osorio-Dignity Memorial, Lilian Mac Donald-First Command, Samir Haiman-Marrero-URBANDER, Gloria Puerto – Feed & Fortify (Non Profit), June Bigham-Nerium AD, Pam Velikova-Metro Title Group LLC., Pastora Rita Fernandes-Igreja Evangélica Bom Pastor para as Nações,  Jenny B.-Bee Social Marketing & Events, Adrian Mackenzie-Frog Bar.

CFBACC meets again at their next breakfast at the Florida Hotel, on Friday August 1st at 9 AM, with Speaker Luiz Rubiao-Radix. CFBACC thanks Nelson and BoiBrazil Churrascaria crew for the great food and Service. If you would like to visit BoiBrazil Churrascaria, it is located at, 5668 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, Phone #(407) 354-0260

Now let’s check the pictures.