New iPhone App by Custom Innovations LLC Allows Employers to Interview Candidates Over Video

Custom Innovations LLC launched U Interview Me, an app for the iPhone that enables employersto interview candidates over video (patent pending).  U Interview Me makes it easier for employers to interview qualified candidates.  Employers can invite candidates to interview, what’s unique about U Interview Me is that candidates can request an interview.  Typical job-posting services put all the difficult tasks on the employer and charge them for it.  We reversed the model of making the employer pay to post and screen candidates, and charge a (minimal) $1 service fee to candidates for using our service to create a small barrier, which helps ensure candidates are qualified before wasting an interviewers time.  Should an employer wish to pay the fee for the candidates we would be happy to accommodate such requests if the employer would pay the sum of the fees at the end of their campaign and we will issue refunds to the candidates

Custom Innovations Interviews

Typically, a phone interview is the first round of screening qualified candidates.  Now with U Interview Me, businesses can have face-to-face video interviews with candidates and screen people more effectively by being able to read body language.  Our goal is to make use of technology to streamline the interviewing process.  We don’t want people to spend time and money to setup a career fair to meet candidates when they can interview people instantly over video.

There are two main types of users for the app, the job seekers, and those offering career related services such as official interviews, practice interviews, or advice (i.e. salary negotiation tips).   Industry professionals are willing to help job seekers practice interviewing so they can become more prepared for difficult questions and salary negotiations.  These industry professionals can set their own rate from $1 to $30, and U Interview Me receives a 10% commission on these services.  Recruiters are encouraged to use U Interview Me to find talent for their employers, and one way to do so is by offering to give practice interviews in the app.  We look forward to serving the community with our app.

Please consider reviewing our app on your site and spread the word about our great new service.