B&O PLAY Launches accessory collection exclusively designed by Hard Graft in USA

B-O Play BeoPlay H6B&O PLAY, of Bang & Olufsen, announces the North American release of a sleek accessory collection exclusively designed by UK-based Hard Graft. The Hard Graft accessory line-up presents a bespoke collection of three different cases to protect B&O PLAY’s award-winning, stylish over-ear headphones BeoPlay H6, sleek and lightweight Form 2i headphones, and state-of-the-art, robust earphone BeoPlay H3.  The collaboration is a natural extension of both brands’ competencies in innovative design, superior craftsmanship, high quality materials and user-convenience.

B&O PLAY was launched in 2012, yet is firmly grounded in the 89 year history of Bang & Olufsen, as it interprets and applies the same core values to a new type of contemporary, portable product that easily integrates into daily life and delivers high-quality experiences. “As B&O PLAY attracts a design-conscious end-user who seeks best-in-class technology and intuitive operation, we feel the stylish, luxurious finish of the Hard Graft line-up mirrors our brand values and perfectly complements our headphone and earphone collection,” states Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Executive Vice President of B&O PLAY.

Since its inception in 2007, Hard Graft has been making fine leather and felt goods of the utmost quality with a great attention to detail and a sharp eye for multi-functionality and usability.  “We love to take a beautifully designed object, involve some leather and wool and turn this precious product into something more by adding extra functionality and a cheeky personality to the product that it protects,” states James Teal, Founder of Hard Graft.


This week the Hard Graft accessory collection will be offered to North American consumers on BeoPlay.com online shop, www.beoplay.com/hardgraft, and will feature three different carrying and storage solutions for your most treasured headphones. Offerings include the below:

    —  PINCH: A smart and elegant cable, which features a tidy and hanging loop
        for your Form 2i or BeoPlay H6 headphones and offers a convenient
        leather and wool cable management solution for easy storage of your most
        treasured headphones.
    —  POINT: A compact “fortune cookie” that protects your BeoPlay H3 in-ear
        headphones, consisting of a leather and wool pyramid that gently encases
        the small earphones.
    —  PEAK: A playful pouch that perfectly protects your BeoPlay H6 or Form 2i
        headphones due to its full leather pouch with protective padding that
        transforms into the headphone stand.

MSRP for the Hard Graft accessory collection ranges from $49 for the Hard Graft Pinch Heritage case, $64 for Hard Graft Point Heritage, and $199 for the Hard Graft Peak Heritage or Black edition. *Beginning August 21, 2014 special bundle packages are available on BeoPlay.com when purchasing select B&O PLAY headphones and its matching Hard Graft accessory.




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