Clear Strength: OtterBox Introduces Alpha Glass Fortified Glass Screen Protectors

otterbox-logoa12b3258-e836-480a-9c3c-40234c3199b3When it comes to screen protection, smartphone users must choose between a scratch protector that covers the screen with a foggy, bubble-filled film or opting for a naked, scratched touch screen. These flawed options are made obsolete with OtterBox(®) Alpha Glass((TM)), the toughest screen protector yet, boasting flawless clarity, reactive touch, anti-shatter glass and precision application.



From the No. 1-selling case brand for smartphones in the U.S., OtterBox Alpha Glass offers a pure touch screen experience with maximum protection against scratches and impact.(*) Alpha Glass is quick and simple to install, does not affect display clarity and is available now for Apple(®) iPhone(®) 5/5s, iPhone 5c and Samsung(®) GALAXY S(®) 5.

“Alpha Glass was designed for smartphone users who want a truer touch screen experience with the benefits of protection from scratches and drop,” said OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas. “The unique properties of our shatterproof glass bring a completely new experience to our customers. Alpha Glass is so clear and smooth, most people will forget they even have a screen protector on. The tactile experience is second to none, with no ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ texture.”

Installing the GALAXY S 5 and iPhone 5/5s/5c glass screen protector is simple. Lightly coat the glass with the provided alcohol wipe, clean the display with the included microfiber cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints and dust, and align the screen protector with the Alpha Glass application card. Gentle pressure safely secures the screen protector and pushes out any air for bubble-free coverage. Alpha Glass can be easily removed at any time with no leftover residue.

Alpha Glass can be used as a standalone screen protector or be combined with premium protective cases from OtterBox for a complete solution. Compatible versions of Alpha Glass are available for Commuter Series(®), Commuter Series Wallet, Symmetry Series((TM)) and Resurgence((TM)) Power Case.

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