Cocina 214 in Winter Park


Cocina 214 is a Tex-Mex and Mexican kitchen located in Winter Park. The idea for the restaurant came when the two owners, Lambrine and Ronnie Macejewski, started missing the Tex-Mex and Mexican style food they had grown up eating back in Texas. They decided to bring that authentic flavor and quality to Winter Park. The food in the kitchen is prepared fresh every day and nothing ever comes from a can. The menu at Cocina 214 boasts fresh local ingredients and bold flavors that all can enjoy.

Grilled Brun-Uusto Cheese Taco all 3 (1) (1)


Grilled Brun- Uusto Cheese Taco:

(3) 1.7 oz pieces Brun-uusto Cheese- Grilled

.5 oz chopped baby kale

.5 oz peanuts

1.5 oz cabbage mix

2 oz diced chayote

1.5 oz Morita salsa

Corn tortillas



Grill the 3 pieces of cheese for 3 minutes on each side. Place the cheese in the middle of each corn tortilla. Place the cabbage mix and baby kale on top of the cheese. Place the diced chayote on top and drizzle the Morita salsa on top. Finish off with toasted peanuts on top.

Coccina 214

151 E Welbourne Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Ph # (407) 790-7997