ABAV and GTTP Brasil promote a Congress of Professionals of the Future – “Tourism is Our Business”


IFA_imagem_mapa_logo_fundo_transparenten celebration of the World Tourism Day, this event will be held on September 27 as part of the 42nd ABAV Expo

On September 27, when we celebrate World Tourism Day, the Congress of Professionals of the Future – “Tourism is Our Business” will be held in São Paulo during the 42nd ABAV – International Tourism Expo that will bring together authorities, academics, and students of technical and college courses in Tourism. The event is a joint initiative between GTTP Brazil (Global Travel & Tourism Partnership) and National ABAV (Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies) and it will discuss the real career opportunities in the Brazilian tourism market.

According to the president of GTTP Brasil, Alberto G. Martins, “the Congress will be a watershed in the relationship between the market and the Academia because all the speakers selected are professionals with extensive experience in the area or specialist teachers. Certainly with this event the distance that now exists between theory—schools and universities—and practice—the job market—will begin to diminish.”

The workshops will last 75 minutes and will take place simultaneously in four rooms in the Knowledge Village. “There will be 12 topics that will have as the main objective that the guest speakers share their experiences with participants and encourage them to invest in a career in tourism,” says Antonio Azevedo, president of ABAV. “We are very optimistic with this alliance we made with GTTP Brasil to invest in the professional of the future of Brazilian tourism, reaffirming ABAV´s commitment with the concepts of corporate social responsibility,” concludes Azevedo.

The Congress of Professionals of the Future has the seal of approval of GTTP international and its global partners (Amadeus, American Express, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Delta Air Lines, Enterprise, Hertz, HRG, KDS, Lufthansa, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Travelport) and the workshops will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Take a look at the complete schedule:

Rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4 – Knowledge Village

2 pm

Workshop: What type of professional does tourism need

Speakers: Mariana Aldrigui and representatives of GTTP´s global partners

Trends in travel agencies

Speaker: Marcelo Viela de Almeida (USP)

Workshop: Evolution of the corporate tourism market

Speaker: João Bueno Neto (Bueno Neto Law Firm)

Workshop: The role of the professional in international markets

Speaker: Fernanda Hummel (UnB)

3:30 pm

Workshop: Communication and tourism 

Speaker: Heloisa Prass (Panrotas)

Workshop: Panel on the labor market in hospitality

Speakers: Lúcia Mello (Slaviero Hotels) and Cássia Mazella (Othon Hotels)

Workshop: Professional management of agencies 

Speaker: Laura Santi (PUC-Campinas)

Workshop: Tourism and nature – the perfect pair 

Speaker: Antonio Carlos Sarti (USP)

5 pm

Workshop: How I build my career Young successful professionals

Speakers: Fernando Tanaka, Gustavo Fusca, Leonardo Fortes, Luisa Xavier, and Maíra Chianca

Workshop: The role of blogs in tourism 

Speaker: Poliana Cardozo

Workshop: Challenges of marketing

Speaker: Kera Medeiros

Workshop: Opportunities for working with public administration of tourism 

Speakers: Bernardo Ignarra, Jamila Tanaka, and Tomás Federicci


Congress of Professionals of the Future – “Tourism is Our Business”

Date: September 27, 2014 (Saturday)

Time: from 2 pm to 6 pm

Location: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi

Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1209

Santana – São Paulo – SP

Registration: http://www.abavexpo.com.br

Whole: R$ 36

Half: R$ 18