Tiny Doors Found In Orlando Trees Open Big Imaginations

KEEBLER LOGOAll over the country, tiny doors have been popping up  in trees, bringing to life the possibility that elves really do exist. To open kids’ imaginations and reacquaint families with the magic of elves,   Keebler(TM), in collaboration with arborists and  local artists, are installing tiny doors in  Orlando…but they’ll only be around for a limited  time.

Lake Eola Park and Gaston Edwards Park, Orlando, FL 32801-Through September 30th

Keebler created magical elf entrances for local  Orlando families to explore and unleash their  imagination and creativity. This week, visit Lake Eola Park or Gaston Edwards Park near Lake Ivanhoe and unlock your imagination when you find the tiny  doors. Families are encouraged to post photos to Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #TinyDoors – spreading the word about the magical elves who’ve just moved in. To learn more, visit the Keebler Facebook Page.