Presidential Brazilian Elections


As September arrives, it brings to Brazilians and Brazilian Communities around the world an opportunity to celebrate their Independence from Portugal. The One hundred and ninety-second anniversary, brings along the chance to create, re-think and revive this mark in history, leading to the question, did Brazil really learn their lesson? Brazilians today live a dark and uncertain moment, trying to ban corruption, lack of education and health, even worse uncontrollable violence.

Being the potency it is in size and population number, Brazil has serious problems. Considered in 2010 one of the most promising emerging countries, part of the BRIC (Brazil, India, China) and even the sixtieth economy in the world, it managed to put itself in an impossible position, where the government is discredited and opposed by the people. Corruption, lobbying, and disregard to the social needs of its population, the Dilma Administration is fighting with poor arguments to gain popularity and votes, but it is still up in the air if that will be possible. Meanwhile the government opposition represented by candidate Aecio Neves and Marina Silva, are still trying to gain votes and win the race to power.

In reality a large margin of voters, in not being seriously considered. Millions of Brazilians live abroad, across the ocean, with access to media opinion and social medias, but apart of the real interaction, and the true feeling of what moves each candidate to the Presidency, making it hard to make a decision. We are no longer one, we are many, in a Global community where one decision affects many, and causes general consequences, in a gigantic domino effect. Regardless, even if you don’t live in Brazil, electing the right leader, is important, the decision of change is everyone’s decision, each vote is important for a change, no matter where you are.

President Obama slogan for his Presidential Campaign in 2008 was blunt and clear ,”Yes We Can”, it proved to work, gave people hope of change. Let’s shake it, give someone else a chance and it happened! One more time America made a difference. There is no change without participation, opinion and will. Brazil must stand, vote, and change. If not for yourself, for the orphans that live on the streets, for the people dying in hospital corridors without hope, for the hungry, homeless. People need to understand, we are the only ones that can really change it all, you have the power, but not protesting and breaking, this is a hopeless act, and after every protest is made, everything goes back to normal, and it is forgotten. Your vote is the most powerful weapon you can use. Make a difference!