The magic of celebrating your culture. The Florida Hispanic Parade & Festival

Rumba 100.3FM; Franchi, from Rumba 100.3FM; and  Bright House Networks with many other celebrities from the Hispanic Community were responsible for the mobilization and great success of the event. 

The best highlights of being part of a community is the diversity, different cultures, art, music and all the influence that has in your everyday life. The Hispanic Community today was fully represented in its best, with costumes, music, dance, beauty, and the best of all kindness, and open arms. We are all part of this fabric, filling wit with our colors, our work and dedication brought to America. We are all proud of our Heritage, our sacrifices and we must teach our children and grand children how important these roots are, and how they define our family and our relationships with others. We must carry this on and show everyone that what makes us important is not only what we accomplished here, but what we carry in our hearts that helped us get here. We are proud to be what we are.

The Parade was great, be a part of it, made me proud and made me feel that I am a part of something great, something we don’t find everyday. I am a proud citizen of Latin America among with all the other great nationalities. Today we were all one.