The Friendly Bean Club Annual Dinner-2014

One more year! Three consecutive years. The Friendly Bean Club returns to Orlando, this time, the event was hosted by the Florida Hotel Orlando, which created a first class event that delighted everyone. The Beans were brought in by Camila’s Restaurant, with the same cordial service,  great presentation, flavor,  with Alex and Leo’s presence making sure everything was just perfect. Camila’s also counted on Chef Vania Mattos and her impeccable crew, all happy to be present.

The Florida Hotel ballroom was decorated  with the Brazilian Flag colors, and everything under the command of Simone Kuska, the Marketing Director, that envisioned the memorable event as opportunity to show  the Florida Hotel can offer everything a corporate guest or tourist may desire. Taking in consideration, the end of the year tourist season is right around the corner, this was a great strategic move.

The National President of the Friendly  Bean Club Michel Tuma Ness, is the Ambassador of friendship and support all over the world, he announced the event going also to Dubai very soon. It is an amazing achievement, to spread friendship and comradely all over the world, a job well done by Michelao, the President nick name, famous for his kindness and friendly nature.

The President of the Friendly Bean Club in Orlando Marcelo de Mattos was the organizer and pioneer of the idea, of bringing the event to Orlando, he is also the Editor for the Digital magazine Brazil Connect by FENACTUR.

Several Orlando local authorities were recognized, Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Mayor Buddy Dyer and City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings. Many other authorities and important figures in our local tourism business community were also present and recognized with the Friendly Bean Club Plate. From the Hispanic Community the Star of the Frames and Fortune Show at Bright House Networks and Fox Mundo Latino, Alice McLaughlin and her husband were present at the event. Also present, America Airlines Sales Director-S.Paulo and South of Brazil Jose Roberto Trinca.

Overall the event was a success and we hope we can have it again next year. Now let’s check the pictures.