The Game of The Year Flamengo X Orlando Magic Amway Arena

By Laiz Rodrigues

I believe everything happens for a reason. This was an incredible moment, anyone present will say it, it was worth every second. Flamengo came, mingled with the community, performed well and met everyone they could, in a gentle manner. Brazil had the opportunity to watch closely from home, since most of their journey to the USA was televised. 

The game was their last gift to the Orlando Community. Flamengo is a revolution, a team that represents the Carioca nature. Irreverent,  passionate, determined. It fell many times but returns stronger. They are tradition, and nobody will ever take that away from them, 20 % of the fans present were traveling from Brazil along with the team, that tells you how much they are loved, and the devotion their fans have for them. With that in mind, me move on to the next topic. Flamengo came here to play a friendly game with the Orlando Magic at the Amway Arena. Now, let me tell you a little about this. The level of professionalism in which this event was handled, was amazing. From the entrance to the last security guy and garage operators, a smile, politeness, a friendly reminder of how happy they were to be there and to be a part of it. I believe in protocol, do things the right way, and properly and that was what we saw, an example of open arms policy. The Orlando Magic made every effort to make Brazilians welcome, and they succeeded. It brings joy to my heart, to see such a great effort, job executed well, an example to be followed by all teams that host foreign countries. Both National Anthems were performed live, ROTC presented flags, Kids from community organizations were invited to greet the players from both countries, an event to be remembered.

The game was good, the  Orlando Magic Team was aggressive enough, won, showed its potential, and even considering that they had played three games in the last four nights, was really good. Flamengo came to play, friendly, gain more experience and move on to the next lesson, and they did a great job. The community was happy to celebrate, and we are sure of one thing. The Magic gain many Brazilian friends and fans tonight. Let’s check the pictures.