Too Young for a Smartphone, Ready for Ibudy


Ibudy is the first device that connects parents and children as easily as a smartphone but without the disadvantages. The reason a parent will not give a phone to his child is exactly why he will  prefer an Ibudy.

The Ibudy app allows parents to:

– Follow the child’s activity (his location, route, etc.)
– Find the child in places it’s usually difficult to locate someone (beaches, parking lots, etc.) thanks to the smart compass
– Send messages (texts or emoticons)
– Be advised if the child approaches or leaves a trusted area (school, home, etc.)
– Be notified if the child needs help

With Ibudy the child can:

– Customize his Ibudy with a choice of fun characters and colors to make him unique
– Be more independent
– Become responsible: like with a Tamagotchi, the child will have to make his Ibudy evolve by doing as many things as possible every day
– Receive messages from family members and create a direct contact if necessary, even remotely
– Feel safe. In the event the child gets lost he can alert his family members. The child also has his emergency identity card on his Ibudy (name, age, blood type and emergency numbers)

Conveniently, Ibudy has thought of everything:

No subscription, no commitment: Parents can choose between a subscription or a prepaid card with the operator of their choice
Economical: Ibudy uses only low frequencies (EDGE / 2G)
Durable: Waterproof and shock resistant
Ergonomic: Adapted to children’s morphology
Practical: The App allows you to enter more than one administrator and manage multiple children

Ibudy was designed by two Swiss entrepreneurs, Raphael & Denis Hayoun.

Ibudy is currently crowdfunding a campaign on the Indiegogo platform until December 25th at the unit price of $129 for the first 100 contributors.