NASCAR-IDrive Indoor Kart Racing Grand Opening.There is a difference between

There are people that imagine and never get to see the realization of their dreams. Others will dream and not rest until it is completed, sealed and signed. Today we saw a dream come true, we saw a group of people that dared to overcome all obstacles, every detail and completed a project that is the first of many to come, and this is just the beginning. We applaud their effort, and success 

The AMP Group and NASCAR, had the VIP opening for  NASCAR – I Drive Indoor Kart Racing, located at 5228 Vanguard St. Orlando, Florida, Phone #(407) 354-3939. Everything started more than 20 years ago, with Pablo Rosemberg and Perfumeland and its success, with thousands of tourists shopping every year, from the Caribbean, South and Central America. Then, with COO Alejandro Pezzini joining the Company, many other assets  were  added creating the AMP Group.

Today at the Grand opening in the presence of many community leaders, Media, guests and corporate Executives from NASCAR, they finally cut the ribbon and celebrated the moment. In a very touching speech, City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings asked everyone in the room how many of us have their lives touched by Pablo along the years, and we all stopped to think.

It is amazing what we can do with an open mind and heart. That is Pablo, a man with a heart bigger than himself but an avid business man, and a powerful COO like Alejandro Pezzini, whom was recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as one of the most successful COO’s of 2014 and a corporate man that knows exactly what he wants. The combination Pablo and Alejandro is powerful and achieved amazing results along the years.

Concluding, we salute the moment, we congratulate the AMP Group, and we hope for many more moments like this. Now, let’s check the pictures.