Orange County Tax Collector To Issue Driver’s Licenses & IDs to Married Same Sex Couples Randolph committed to helping couples obtain updated documentation


With the recent historic rulings for marriage equality in Florida, Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph will now accept same sex marriage certificates from Florida and other states for couples updating IDs with name changes.

The federal Real ID law requires those seeking new licenses or name changes to submit marriage certificates.  The Orange County Tax Collector’s Office issued more than 320,000 driver’s licenses and IDs in 2014.

Before the ruling, the State of Florida refused to allow Tax Collectors to use same sex marriage certificates from other states as valid documentation.  As a result, DHSMV was recently sued by a couple seeking to update their driver licenses.

“This was just another example of the many discriminatory policies same sex couples faced by the unconstitutional ban on same sex marriage in Florida,” said Tax Collector Scott Randolph.  “We will continue to review all aspects of our office to ensure that any and all inequities are wiped out—from driver licenses to auto title transfers and internal employee benefits.”

Randolph was the first constitutional officer in Orange County to institute a Domestic Partnership Tax Equity Policy. The policy established a stipend to reimburse tax collector employees who continued to be discriminated against by the federal tax code’s treatment of domestic partner health benefits.

We encourage all couples to schedule an appointment online and find all required documentation for a license or ID online at