Carcosa takes salted caramel to the next level

Carcosa Caramelier MacaronsIntroducing Carcosa, the New York salted caramel specialist. Carcosa Caramelier creates perfect salted caramel variations of sweets people love.

In 2014, Carcosa unleashed an exquisite macaroon collection. Carcosa macaroons come in 12 amazing varieties of salted caramel, only one of which can be found anywhere else. The original Carcosa salted caramel macaron has beaten peers’ salted caramel macarons in every blind tasting so far conducted, while the divine white truffle salted caramel macaron is now Carcosa’s best seller. Each Carcosa macaroon is handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, New York. Every macaroon is made using the finest fair-trade ingredients. This attention to quality means the macaroons are organic, gluten free, and non-GMO. The Carcosa Collection comprises all twelve macaroons and costs just $30.

Carcosa’s master caramelier is Grace McCabe, who has been experimenting with salted caramel obsessively since she was 7 years old. “Before Carcosa released the macaroons, I looked at dozens of flavor combinations, trying different ingredients until I felt the macaroon range was truly remarkable. My aim is to create salted caramel treats that not only delight the pallet but surprise it too.”  Needless to say Grace’s salted caramel recipe is the sweet secret at the heart of Carcosa’s products. Gelato, chocolates, caramels, and Carcosa’s take on the cupcake are next in the quest for salted caramel perfection. Exact flavors are still under wraps but if the unique macaron range is anything to go by, Carcosa is taking salted caramel to new levels never tasted before! Carcosa currently ships coast to coast in the United States, with same day delivery available in New York. It’s easy to order online at

Since launching in late 2014, Carcosa has featured in exclusive pop-up events in New York, and will continue a busy events schedule across the USA in 2015, check out Carcosa’s Facebook page for details. A free shipping code for Valentine’s Day will be published on Carcosa’s Instagram account so make sure to follow!

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