MundoFox Premieres “Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?” On Monday, February 9 At 9pm/8c

Telenovela marks the long awaited return to television of Mexican superstar Itati Cantoral

9aabbd9a-3a7b-4f0e-87a3-40f1177bf43bMundoFox announced today the premiere of “Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?” (Who Killed Patricia Soler?), an original production starring Mexican actress Itati Cantoral and Spanish actor Miguel de Miguel. “Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?” marks the long-awaited return of Cantoral to television. The series premieres on February 9 and will air exclusively on MundoFox Monday through Friday at 9PM/8C.

71ad94ca-e453-4c19-a540-63c01271ddda“Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?” is a captivating adaptation of the well-received telenovela “La Madrastra,” with new twists and a suspenseful ending.   The story follows Sara Fernandez (Itati Cantoral), a woman who is wrongfully imprisoned after being betrayed by those closest to her and her subsequent search for justice when she is exonerated and released 17 years later.

Sara Fernandez has it all: a successful jewelry business, a good husband and two wonderful children, but everything she has worked for and built is about to come crashing down.  During a trip to New York City, her best friend and business partner, Patricia Soler, is murdered and Sara is the prime suspect.  After being falsely convicted for the crime, Sara spends the next 17 years in a maximum-security prison.  Upon her release, Sara returns determined to unmask the real killer and fight to regain everything she lost.  Her journey will not be an easy one as all of her former friends, business partners and even her family, are now possible suspects.  Sara can trust no one in her search to discover “Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?”

Produced by RTI Producciones, “Quien Mato a Patricia Soler?” is a story of betrayal, revenge, mystery and suspense that will surprise viewers until the heart-stopping moment when Patricia Soler’s killer is finally revealed.

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