#fillthebowl Open Training Orlando City Soccer

Today was great! Open practice so we all had an idea of what is to come. I saw a team, everyone is comfortable with each other, happy, and didn’t need any introductions. They are all on the same page, knowing exactly what they are doing. Best of all, it is great to watch! I have followed the OCSC since 2012, and I confess, my  love for the team was stronger than the game itself, but it improved and they got where they deserved to be.

Today, I was happy and excited to see a team with so much to offer and so much potential. As usual, the fans, the Ruckus, and everyone making the noise was just perfect. The superior part of the Citrus Bowl was closed, but the lower was really full fast. I believe close to 10.000 people. Can you imagine how it will be on the game against NY? I can’t wait ! I am sure neither can you. The fans were excited, calling for KAKA’ several times, lots of Brazilians in the audience, kids, Amazing atmosphere. I was glad to be there. I feel thankful that in such difficult times for so many, we can find happiness and pride, right here in Orlando. Let’s check the pictures !