Banco do Brasil Americas grand Opening.

It happened on Wednesday, the press conference and the grand opening at the new Branch in Orlando.
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Marked by success, BB Americas opens with a record number of 140 new accounts, in just a few days, since its soft opening in the beginning of February. Already considered one of the best 40 banks in the USA, BB Americas in its third year of business, achieved a profit of 7 Million Dollars in 2014, after 3 years of operation, showing the real potential of a Brazilian Bank made in America.

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The uproar and speculation around the opening is finally over, and we can all rest assure, BB Americas is here to stay, with great plans for the future.

The Press conference was hosted at  NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart, with opening remarks by  the AMP Group’s COO Alejandro Pezzini, who introduced BB Americas President and CEO Cassio Segura ,  that gave a detailed explanation about the Bank structure, plans and goals for 2015.

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Banco do Brasil Americas is an American Bank FDIC insured up to the maximum allowed by law. Banco do Brasil purchased Euro Bank a few years ago, transforming it in BB Americas, that has been a dream of all Brazilians living in the US and also tourists, that will enjoy Bank service in Portuguese, and also a special terminal that will connect them to Banco do Brasil. It is a great advance, and most of all a gift to many that will be able to get a banking with the great Brazilian cordial service.

At six, the Grand opening event at the branch started, and many community leaders were present. Mayor Buddy Dyer, Commissioner Samuel B. Ings, Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh, Community Leaders, Alejandro Pezzini (COO AMP Group), Bank President Cassio Segura, Commercial VP Jefferson Hames, Marketing Director Fernando Vasconcellos, snd several Banco do Brasil officials from Miami.

The Orlando Branch has a very well known crew, and counts on people who were chosen by their experience and talent already proven in the market. Regional Director Marcelo Marcelo Silva, Branch General Manager Erivaldo R. Carneiro Filho, and Account Manager Alberto Santos.

We are very happy and certain that it will be a success.