Orlando City Soccer Opening Game-The Citrus Bowl.

OCSC Opening Game (120)Imagine that ! So much work, sacrifices, challenges, but at the end it was all well worth it! The Orlando City shined, with a balanced game, a great team and unforgettable moments. I believe in MLS, Soccer and Kaka’, I believe the Orlando City will have a great season, just because they can. They have what it takes. Even AZUL Airlines passed by. 

In its first-ever Major League Soccer (MLS) match, Orlando City drew fellow expansion side New York City FC (NYCFC) to a 1-1 tie in a historic night for the City of Orlando before a sellout crowd of 62,510 fans at the Orlando Citrus Bowl.



The first 45 minutes were all spent with the NYCFC on defense, almost no attack. As the game progressed, it seemed the Orlando City  had a much more mature  attitude in the field and it felt like the NYCFC was much more physical. The game didn’t leave space for doubt, and the Orlando City showed they can. Emotions were running high in the audience and in the field, the fans were eager to see them win, but they got everything they expected and more. The Ruckus did  amazing, and a whole new set of percussion was added to the group. Great Job!

The NYCFC scored , but the Lions also scored just a few minutes later, just to make the crowd roar. Unbelievable! Great Game!

Here are some quotes (By Jhamie Chin-The Orlando City Soccer Club)

Quotes from NYCFC:

→David Villa:

On how he felt after first game:

“We did a good job. It was a shame we didn’t get the more points. Think it took us a while to get into the game in the beginning. I also think we’ve gone three month with a lot of cold and it was difficult to play in such a hot place. Think in the second half we played well and it was a shame we didn’t get the win.”

On thoughts on whether he gained a point or lost two points:

“Looking at the game, there was a lot of rivalry from the beginning. People here really support the team. I think they are really happy how things ended in the past few minutes especially with our first goal. It does make us mad, but we just have to look forward. There is still a lot left for us at Yankee Stadium.”

On impression of his first MLS game for Orlando City:

“Really pleased with the attendance and all those fans and everyone who wants MLS to do well here. Now we have to focus on our game in Yankee Stadium and encourage our fans to come to our home opening game.”

What do you think your role is as captain and in the future:

“It’s been the same role I’ve had in other teams. Help my team, help the coaches, and if my team asks for advice, be there for them. My goal is to help my team win.”

On officiating staff for the game:

“I don’t like to speak poorly about officials, they have a hard job, just like we do. It’s hard for them.”

On half time conversation in locker room:

“Well at half time we got some tips from coach. We entered the second half with a different attitude.”

→Quotes from NYCFC’s Jason Kreis

“Really pleased with the work the guys put in. On the soccer side, think we showed areas we need improvement. After the second half we calmed down a little, the guys had a chance to breathe a little bit. It’s very early, this is a great team and we need to maintain our focus every day and every week.”

On the effect the environment had on the players:

“I think it’s inevitable for them to be a little nervous. You had 62,000 people here. They were so loud it was a fantastic environment here. So it’s a question of how quickly you calm yourself down and get focused in this environment.”

On Orlando City’s team:

“I’m Impressed with the vitality of the group. Happy to have another group like them join the league. Think both teams showed they are not finished products. It was not the most beautiful game in the world, but both teams showed their strength.”

Quotes from Orlando City SC:

→Coach Adrian Heath:

“Obviously I’m not completely delighted with the final score because I think we played a good game. I’m extremely proud with everyone. The staff, the players and our supporters. It was absolutely incredible. Something I’ll remember forever.

On Kaka’s goal:

“Didn’t want to end the day on a sour note. Whether we one, lost or drew today, I think both coaches would say we are a long way from where we want to be today. Twenty some players to bring together and get them in a good place. We did good in the first half and were a bit disjointed in the second, but overall a good day.”


On thoughts of first MLS game:

“Very happy about the game. For sure, the result was not what we wanted. But everything tonight was incredible, so for the results it was OK. We have a lot to improve, but thank you for everyone who participated in this moment for us. It was a different environment and crowd. But we are in a good place and have a lot to work on.”

On his goal:

“I was very happy when I saw it go in. Felt good. I obviously wanted to make the first goal of the MLS season opener for us, but it was a good moment.”