The Making of Conexión a Brasil”


A few weeks ago, MUNDO FOX ORLANDO, and the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce signed a Trusteeship contract, creating a great opportunity for the Community.

The TV Spot “Conexión a Brasil”, will air three times a week. It consist of interviews, the Brazilian Community, business, community leaders, in Spanish, English and Portuguese, to allow everyone an open vision about CFBACC Trustee Members, Sponsors, their businesses, opinions, Brazilian food, culture, personalities, language and more.

The idea came due to the lack of Brazilian Business connection, with other Business Communities in Central Florida.The Show host is Gloria Puerto, from Mundo Fox Latino, who will interview guests, and show her beauty and intelligence. SONUS Studios is in charge of the production, which is still in the beginning stages, and everyone is working hard.

Yesterday was the first real production day, recording at NASCAR, interviewing AMP Group COO, Alejandro Pezzini. There is so much more, the interviews are just the beginning and everyone is really excited about it. The beginning date will be disclosed soon!

Let’s check the pictures!