Camila’s Lounge Grand Re-opening with Food & Wine Fest

food-and-wine-fi.png 1Camila’s is the real Brazilian Style! It shows in every detail. To be Brazilian it is not just the food, it is the attitude, the feeling, the music and the great warm smile in everyone’s face.

The food, the people, the clients, all types of music, styles and artists, there is a guaranteed spot for you at Camila’s, where the Brazilian in all of us is always welcome. On Friday was different, it was Food and Wine Fest, re-opening the Camila’s Lounge in great style and wonderful atmosphere. I can tell you, it looks great, and feels great. The Lounge is brand new, bright, spacious, lots of sitting and standing space, so regardless of what type of event you have, it is ready to serve you.

They are open for business, and for fun. The Food & Wine event is a great idea, and it will happen again soon, just like it was on Friday, with guests-friends, media, and everybody happy.

Alex was super, Andre was the highlight of the night, spreading his energy, with prizes and live music. And because tomorrow is Brazilian Support Day (Dia do Apoio ao Brasileiro) even the Consulate Crew was there to share the moment. Check it out!