Martin Luther King III and Congresswoman Corine Brown, Visit NASCAR IDrive Indoor Kart Racing

 The AMP Group has been a source of so many developments bringing a positive image to the Brazilian Entrepreneurism in Orlando.

In the past few years an amazing series of developments took place on I-Drive brought by the AMP Group. The first and pilot Perfumeland Megastore that opens its arms to thousands of tourists every year, their sports gear store -Athletic Planet, along with Perfume Provider,  PerfumeandSkin, Salon and Spa by Perfumeland, AMP Electronics, Pearl Vision, the Orlando Crossings Mall on I-Drive, then NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing.

You would say, that is plenty! But for the AMP Group it was just the begining. After finishing phase one of the Orlando Crossings Mall, with all stores open, they brought in Banco do Brasil Americas, which has exceeded all expectations. The AMP Group, now on phase two of renovations at the other side of the Orlando Crossing Mall, announced it is bringing Seabra Supermarkets, that will be replacing the Flea Market space at the mall.

What we see is a job creation, business development and a great deal of effort to our community and to Orlando. To crown all this, this week, COO at the AMP Group, Alejandro Pezzini had very special and honorable visitors at the NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing, Mr. Martin Luther King III and Congresswoman Corine Brown. 

According to COO Alejandro Pezzini, it was an important moment, and a honor to host such an important guest. A remarkable moment that will not be forgoten. “Moments like this one we treasure, with the highest regard”, said Mr Pezzini.

Mr. Martin Luther King left his legacy to the American people, along with a message that will always represent human rights and equality among men. His voice and ideas will always be reminded, as a gift to our Society. Having his son visiting us was a gift, an honor and we are happy to share that moment with everyone.