Soft Star Celebrated April Fool’s Day With “Timely” New Product

April first newsletter will feature “Hover Shoe” promotion designed to give sales a lift

Soft Star Shoes Solstice Hover ShoesBarefoot footwear innovator Soft Star Shoes ( has dedicated its 30 years in the minimalist shoe industry to helping its customers “walk lightly on the earth.” This April Fool’s Day, the company will take this mission to a whole new level.  Beginning at 9:00 AM PST, April 1, 2015, Soft Star will offer a new Adult Casual Wear style: Anti-Gravity Hover Shoes.

Soft Star Shoes Hover ShoesWhen asked about the new product, Soft Star co-owner Tricia Salcido explained, “As with all other Soft Star models, the new shoes are lightweight and designed to allow as much natural, unrestricted movement as possible.  What could be lighter and less restrictive than weightless footwear?”

The product release will include still images of the shoes and a short video of Soft Star employees gliding smoothly over the sidewalks of Downtown Corvallis, Oregon.  Soft Star will introduce the product to the public through a “Special Edition” April 1(st) Newsletter linking customers to the new listing on its Adult Casual Wear page; the Hover Shoes will also be featured on its social media outlets.

The decision to feature Anti-Gravity shoes in Soft Star’s first April Fool’s Day promotion was inspired by the classic 1980’s Back to the Future film franchise.  The movie trilogy has received an exceptional level of coverage in recent months, since 2015 is the year in which the “future” action is set.  Now the present has just about caught up with the future, triggering a wave of nostalgic social media traffic and promotions geared toward both the films’ original Generation X audience, as well as a new wave of fans in the form of retrophilic Millennials.  The franchise’s approaching 30-year anniversary (which will be officially celebrated on October 21, 2015) has spawned a “Back to the Future Day” Facebook page; a Wikipedia-run “Futurepedia” reference resource; and a trending #BacktotheFuture hashtag which is expected to gain momentum as October 21 draws closer.  Soft Star’s Hover Shoe release is intended to leverage the B2TF buzz in conjunction with posts about #AprilFoolsday2015, which was trending at second worldwide at the time of this writing.

Of course, Soft Star cannot actually offer its patrons Anti-Gravity Hover Shoes (its patent is still pending…).  If a customer clicks on the shoes for order information, they will receive a dual April Fool’s surprise: they will be informed that the listing was an April Fool’s joke, but will also be given a coupon code for a limited-time $5 discount!  Soft Star believes that its customers will appreciate its twist on an April Fool’s Prank and invites other media outlets to share in the buzz it generates.

Soft Star Shoes produces handmade soft leather shoes for babies, children and adults. The company is committed to using natural, eco-friendly materials and to developing direct relationships with their customers. Made in the USA: 100% of Soft Star’s shoes are handcrafted by American leather artisans in their Oregon workshop.