Tertulia Quatro Gatos – Eight Years of Dedication to Culture and Heritage

IMG_0761We met the Tertulia Quatro Gatos in 2012, during the celebration of their 5th Anniversary at the Orlando Library in Downtown. It was the first time in many years, I heard someone recite beautiful poems and sing songs that meant so much and represented everything in a culture that is emergent in our county.Today the preservation of culture, costumes and literature for any nationality is vital. The world is mixing, and changing, and for the sake of our identity and children, we need to create ways to preserve our most precious treasures. The Hispanic culture is beautiful, the poetry, music, color and passion are the most compelling factors, and the Tertulia Quatro Gatos does that, shows, honors and preserves, sharing too everyone teir most precious possessions. Beautiful work! Congratulations Tertulia! It was and is an honor to celebrate with you.