Sharing Food Around The World Via Skype

On March 1st, the cooking class has forever been changed with the launch of The World Cooking Project (TWCP). Now users can connect via Skype to learn an amazing array of international dishes cooked by those people living in that country. Never before has a person had this kind of global culinary access.

“After years of traveling, I yearned to experience the foods that I enjoyed abroad,” said Sara Dietrich, CEO. “This service allows me to re-live those memories without having to pack a single suitcase.”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, The World Cooking Project now offers gift certificates. Gift givers can order online and the lucky recipient will receive a personalized gift card based specifically on the occasion being celebrated. When ready, dedicated staff members are standing by to personally schedule the cooking session.

The World Cooking Project sheds new light on traditional meal preparation:
“It gives you an opportunity to experience culture in a fascinating new way,” says Gary A. Roth, Co-Founder of TWCP. “Connecting through Skype eliminates geographical barriers normally found with international cuisine.”

Unlike a group cooking class, TWCP offers personal cooking instruction in the comfort of your own home through live interaction via Skype. Users can gather a few friends or experience it individually. Most sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time to connect with someone new and enjoy their culture.
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