Pro Soccer Arrives in Miami with the Miami FC and the NASL

12 Riccardo Silva and Paolo MaldiniPaolo Maldini, Riccardo Silva and the North American Soccer League (NASL)  lead the charge on pro soccer in Miami with the launch of the Miami Football Club (Miami FC). The club will be the city’s only professional soccer club and will begin playing in the in 2016 NASL season.

The club is co-owned by Paolo Maldini, who is widely recognized as one of the greatest players in soccer history, and Riccardo Silva, president and founder of the MP & Silva group, the worldwide leader in distribution sports media rights. Miami FC will play in one of the existing world-class stadiums in the city.

The mission of Miami FC is to connect with Miami’s communities through the global language of soccer, and strengthen community ties even further, promoting social-driven initiatives and charitable work through soccer, in partnership The Miami Foundation and the Play for Change Foundation.