Kerastase Paris Launches Visions of Style Campaign Starring Top Models Cameron Russell and Hye Park

The idea of distinctive hair looks has replaced the traditional notion of hair “styles”. Women change their hair like they change their clothes, and no longer let one style define them.

These women crave both empowerment and the right tool kit. Kerastase Paris announces Visions of Style, a campaign aimed at inspiring and educating women across the globe through a curated collection of 10 Iconic Hair Looks, a vision of contemporary style reimagined and reinterpreted by master hairstylist Luigi Murenu.

As a brand dedicated to celebrating women, Kerastase is inherently committed to style. To bring its Visions of Style looks to life, Kerastase enlisted fashion models Cameron Russell and Hye Park to serves as muses for Murenu.  The campaign was photographed by the dynamic duo of Luigi Murenu and Iango, and styled by veteran fashion stylist George Cortina. Luigi crafted each hair style using Kerastase’s Couture Styling collection, which launched in 2013 to transcend the way women think about styling. The mission of Couture Styling is to shape and hold the hair without making it look stiff – a combination of ultimate styling power with the luxurious Kerastase touch.

Kerastase Couture Styling: Visions of Style (PRNewsFoto/Kerastase Paris)
Kerastase Couture Styling: Visions of Style 

According to Murenu, “the modern woman is empowered and the hairstyle is an essential part of her identity. Some women opt for a signature style that forms an integral part of their persona, as much as a signature fragrance does. For others, they opt to have a changeable approach that fluctuates depending on the occasion and audience they are with.”

To design each look, Murenu drew inspiration from looking at the styles that are most iconic to women’s beauty – those that are timeless yet have a modern twist – such as waves, chignons, braids and ponytails. The modern woman wants her hair to look sophisticated yet effortless. And, it’s no secret that even the simplest styles take the right technique and the right products.

Visions of Style: The 10 Iconic Looks

  1. L’Oversize: an explosion of volume – roots are lifted, lengths are full
    of exaggerated bounce.
  2. La Tresse: the braid re-invented: structured, elegant, sport-chic.
  3. Le Smooth: seductive refinement that flows into cascading, graceful
  4. Le Pony: the haute-couture ponytail elevated to new heights.
  5. Le Froisse: tousled waves: the perfect statement of effortless glamour.
  6. Le Carre: the ever-timeless bob with super sleek lines.
  7. Le Chignon: elevating the classic up-do to state-of-the-art.
  8. Le Asymetrique: side-swept lengths meet delicate swirled curls.
  9. Le Sleek: graphic slick-back with sculpted, cascading waves.
  10. Le Volume: all-over inflated volume thanks to an unquestionably big
    The campaign includes an inspirational video set to “Looking for Love” by Chromatics, as well as an aspirational lookbook and step-by-step illustrated tutorials.

Visions of Style launches in Kerastase salons nationwide, on and on the brand’s social media channels in April 2015. The Kerastase Couture Styling Collection is available for purchase at Kerastase Salons (salon locator: and online at

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