The best Art and Culture TV Show arrived to Central Florida on MundoFOX

frame-and-fortune-logoFRAMES AND FORTUNE, THE TV SHOW, IT WILL CAPTIVATE YOU!Presenting Frames and Fortune, the TV Show, an informative magazine about Art, Culture, and Travel in all its forms.

Frames and Fortune, a Television program about art, culture, and travel that will captivate an audience that demands a television program of excellence; this requisite will make Frames and Fortune, the TV show, everyone’s favorite program.

banner2Frames and Fortune, the Television show is presented by the beautiful and engaging Alice McLaughlin and co-hosted by the incomparable Motica, a fluffy white Maltese dog who accompanies Alice McLaughlin on all her travels and who will undoubtedly garner many fans.

Alice McLaughlin’s career has been highlighted as a curator of art, artist representative, publicist, and marketing specialist in her own firm, Art by Alice, and as a consultant in varied multinational firms.   The engaging and beautiful Venezuelan native is quite a traveler and production agenda will take her to myriad local, national and international locations to showcase art and artists in all their facets.


On location in different cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Vatican City, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Miami, Orlando and Puerto Rico to name a few, the well-respected art diva extraordinaire delights us with her knowledge of art through a well-rounded presentation of artists and those celebrities and locales that enrich the world of the arts, culture and tourism.

Frames and Fortune, the Television Show, is centered on Alice McLaughlin’s personal crusade to bring the hungry viewer for culture and entertainment the nourishment it needs by introducing them to art, artists, locales, and those in the art world.

The program is enhanced by visits to notable personalities in the cultural arena who task Alice McLaughlin with finding art to fill public spaces, as is the case with the Honorable Buddy Dyer, mayor of Orlando, Florida.  Alice McLaughlin’s travel adventures will take you on a journey to discover her world of travel, culture and excitement in a logical and dynamic sequence.

Tune in to Frames and Fortune, the Television Show on Saturdays, 11:00am EST. Premiere on June 13 on MundoFOX Central Florida, Brighthouse Networks Channel 94 and 909, Channel 21.1 over the air, AT&T Uverse 21 and Centurylink 108. Available as well on MundoFOX Tampa and MundoFOX Fort Myers.

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