The Day Belongs to RELLECIGA – The Fourth Time Launching on Times Square


RELLECIGA is proud to announce a new partnership with the hottest Italian singer Jessica Brando for this summer campaign. The best photo from the shoot will be shown on the ultra-large billboard on Times Square in New York City.

Jessica Brando was born in Grosseto, Tuscany and started singing at the age of five. In 2008, she signed with EMI Music Italy and then completed the recording for her debut EP in 2009. In July 2010, she became a worldwide ambassador for Adidas NEO. In June 2015, she became the ambassador of RELLECIGA Swimwear.

Starting last month, Jessica has been modeling a series of RELLECIGA bikinis and beachwear that was inspired by her individual style. The set of images, where Jessica lounged on the beach by the sea, were shot by famous photographer Riccardo Fotonova Veltroni in Grosseto. Out of these photos, both sides decided on the most eye-catching one to feature on Times Square.

“I’ve always liked RELLECIGA’s focus on fun and affordable fashion. I really loved the concept we collaborated on to explore the perfect images of women represented in a bikini — sexy, energetic and young. It was a beautiful shoot on a fascinating beach. It felt more like making a music video than a commercial,” said Jessica Brando.

“In the campaign image, Jessica is wearing the key pieces from RELLECIGA. Every girl needs them for life in the sun this summer,” said Head of Design, Marianna, RELLECIGA. “The bikini set in the photo is studded with shining diamonds which reflects in the sun, and looks great on Jessica’s curved figure.”

It seems this campaign worked well for RELLECIGA. When Jessica posted the image on her social media accounts, millions of followers wanted to know where to buy this gorgeous suit. For RELLECIGA, this bikini set became one of its best-sellers around the world.

RELLECIGA, the creator of RIKINI and SCRUNCH butt, is also the global partner of the France Synchronized Swimming Team and the exclusive swimwear sponsor of the American magazine Taste of the Island. No word on a new RELLECIGA cooperation yet, but it probably takes a while to line up all those corporate partnerships. And there’s no question who the day belonged to: RELLECIGA.

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