STYLED – Revolutionary new fashion app launched today, available for free on the Apple App Store

Post photos, get instant feedback, and share what the world is wearing

Ever have trouble deciding what to buy or wear? Can’t decide on which shoes go best with your outfit? STYLED is a revolutionary new fashion app that lets users share photos and get instant feedback, allowing them to make fashion decisions easily by crowd sourcing opinions from friends, followers and experts.

Screenshots of Styled App (PRNewsFoto/Styled)
Screenshots of Styled App (PRNewsFoto/Styled)

STYLED is more than just a photo-sharing app. On STYLED users can easily tag their clothing, letting others know where to buy it or discover similar items. So if you like a Brandy Melville shirt, when you tap the attached tag you can see more Brandy Melville shirts posted by STYLED users. You can then visit the Brandy Melville website directly through the app to purchase the item you’ve seen.

Another unique STYLED feature is the “versus” option, where users can vote between two outfits and choose which they prefer. Users can also see what’s trending globally or locally! Since each photo is geo-tagged, STYLED provides a dynamic fashion experience.

“With STYLED we wanted to streamline and simplify fashion decision-making. People have limited resources, be it time or money, and want to know that what they are wearing is the right choice for them. STYLED allows people to make these decisions quickly and confidently in a fun and engaging way. Beyond that, users can discover new brands and trends through the app. On STYLED, fashion trends organically because of our “LIKE/PASS” abilities and user generated content.”
– Robbie Stepak, Co-Founder

“STYLED is like a modern day interactive fashion magazine, continuously evolving with each new photo posted.”
– Maxim Andreev, Co-Founder

STYLED is now available for free to download on the Apple iOS App Store.

Please visit for more information.

Download the app here:


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