BOIBRAZIL The Best Tailgate Party at the Lions Game Day!

By Definition:
A tailgate party is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a
vehicle. Tailgating, which originated in the United States, often involves
consuming alcoholic beverages and grilling food.

Tailgate Parties are not a Brazilian tradition, but when soccer became popular and Brazilians love soccer, the American tradition popular at pre football games was adopted fast! And the responsible for this attitude is the Orlando City

Every game that happens on weekends is a reason for enjoyment, tailgate
parties at the fields around the Citrus Bowl Stadium, kids playing, live music,
but nobody can produce a better tailgate party than Nelson. He wakes up
early, he doesn’t believe in hot-dogs and burgers, so gets the meats prepared
in advance, lets all friends and clients know and the churrasco starts early

Nelson’s Tailgate party brings BOIBRAZIL employees, friends, clients, visitors, The Ruckus, some of the Lion’s players, everyone is welcome and happy to be there. Maybe we’ll see you next time, and have some great food and fun. Where Brazilians are, there is happiness and great food.

See you Next Time!


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