NGO Bandeiras Brancas (White Banners) creates a video to warn of the dangers of global warming

NGO takes advantage of the UN Conference in Paris to send a message to people all over the world.

This week marked the official opening of COP 21, the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris, where almost all countries in the world expect to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, trying to limit global warming to 2(o)C by 2100, compared to pre-industrial levels.

Looking at this cause, Brazilian NGO Bandeiras Brancas (White Banners), a movement that develops communications pieces on behalf of peace, created a video to warn people of the harmful effects of global warming. The idea is that the message will impact industry leaders and change some of the behaviors we engage in in our daily activities.

The video is available at

According to campaign creator Brunno Barbosa, the idea came to him after he saw the picture of an emaciated polar bear who did not have anything to eat, displayed on several communication vehicles.

The background music to the video is Bethoven’s “Silence”, and the illustrations are by graphic artist Daniel Carvalho. The animation was directed by Thyago Oliveira.

The NGO will invest in paid media on YouTube, and is negotiating to have this video shown in a number of movie theaters.

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