Sbrubbles Downtown Orlando Grand Opening

Sbrubbles has opened its first Co-Working space in Downtown Orlando.

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Celebrate, Networking and attend all the questions about this great space was the rule for the night, in very successful Avant-Premiere for Sbrubbles the newest Brazlian investment Downtown Orlando.

The dream and journey started a few years ago, Rodrigo Berretta, Glauco Pochine and Leonardo Martins had a dream,  faced all the challenges and obstacles but found in the community, lots of important support along the way. The City of Orlando, Rabits& Romano Architecture, The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, and most important their family. Many sleepless nights later, today they are sure it was all well worth it.

For all the ones, curious to visit and find out about this magic space where everyone can enjoy and share the creativity in the air, it is located at 14 East Washington Street, Orlando FL 32801.The site is

At the grand opening  new clients, business people, chamber members and family members. Catering brilliantly done by Green Kitchen. All present were amazed by the great vibe and energy Sbrubbles has.

Now let’s check the pictures.



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