Jamba Juice Debuts New Summer Sips with Refreshing Tropical Flavors


Limited Time Only Island Getaway Smoothies Blend Exotic Fruit Packed with Vitamin C

  • Jamba Juice Company, a leading healthy, active lifestyle brand, celebrates the return of summer with a new line of Island Getaway Smoothies. Refreshing, made with exotic real fruit, and bursting with tantalizing tropical flavors, Jamba’s Island Getaway Smoothies offer consumers a delicious and tasty way to stay cool and hydrated throughout the warm, summer months.

    “As the summer nears and temperatures rise, we’re excited to launch our new Island Getaway Smoothies that blend unique tropical ingredients, like guava, that are new to the Jamba menu,” stated Julie S. Washington, chief marketing and innovation officer of Jamba. “At Jamba Juice, we’re continually innovating and pushing the flavor envelope with real fruits in our favorite smoothies and juices, offering consumers unique seasonal beverages that are a natural source of energy, have essential vitamins and nutrients, and support on-the-go active lifestyles.”

    Jamba Juice’s Island Getaway Smoothies are available for a limited time only, and come in two, fun island flavors, each providing an excellent source of Vitamin C and made with at least 2.5 servings of fruit:

  • Gotta Guava(TM): An exotic blend of guava juice, peaches, sherbet with
    pineapple, and strawberries, perfect for those hot summer days.
  •  Tropical Sunburst(TM): A tasty blend of fresh orange juice, pineapple
    juice, pineapples, and sherbet with pineapple, offering a delicious
    smoothie that is bursting with citrus flavor.
  • Jamba Juice has also introduced a new flavor to its existing Fresh Squeezed Juice Line, which offers an easy and convenient way for consumers to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. The newest made-to-order addition, just in time for summer:
  • Strawberry Juice Refresher: A refreshing blend of fresh apple juice,
    strawberries and lemon juice packed with Vitamin C that is also gluten
    and dairy free.
    From May 19 to June 1, 2016, Jamba Juice is encouraging customers to let their taste buds explore the islands with a $2.99 coupon offer for any small (16 oz) size Island Getaway Smoothie at participating Jamba Juice stores nationwide. To redeem the coupon, and for more information on nutrition and product offerings, please visit www.JambaJuice.com.
  • Source: Jamba Juice

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