Eco Lips® launches brand POGO(TM)

An Organic Lip Balm Line – POGO(TM) combines fashion with sustainable function

Eco Lips, renown socially responsible manufacturer known for creating the best lip balm for the world, has created brand POGO (#putongoout), the best container for the world. A 2016 AmeriStar award winner, POGO uses repurposed plastic and is designed to be refillable. Its patented lip care system combines modern sustainable style with purposeful innovation.

According to Jane Merten, Eco Lips VP of Sales and Marketing, “Landing the design for a lip balm delivery system that aligns with our company ethos was paramount. Versatility, individualization and refillability was key as we continue to innovate within the lip balm category. POGO directly aligns with urban, professional, female millennials who are active, social and smart, looking for more sustainable solutions that fit their everyday lifestyle. POGO allows them to make good, sexy!”

The organic lip balm line includes Apricot Peach?, Iced Iced Berry, Mint Mint, Nothin’ At All (Unscented), Split Banana, and True Vanilla Bean. The entire line is USDA certified organic, Fair Trade Certified(TM), gluten free, cruelty free and made with 100% renewable energy offsets. Suggested retail price is $3.99.  The new lip balm line is currently available in select Target stores, all Hy-Vee grocery stores, and online at POGO will also be available nationwide in ULTA, Vitamin Shoppe and other natural products retailers this fall. Refills will also be available this fall.

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