​ City of Orlando Update on Memorials Remembering the Victims of the Pulse Tragedy

City of OrlandoThe City is proud to announce a partnership with the Orange County Regional History Center to collect and preserve letters, notes, signs and other non-perishable tribute items. 

Since June 12th, in the face of this tragedy, the City of Orlando has seen an outpouring of love and support from people from all over the world.  Memorials to honor those impacted by this tragedy have been created in several public locations throughout the City including City Hall, Lake Eola Park, Lake Beauty at Orlando Health and Seneff Plaza at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. These memorials have provided a place for people to grieve, support each other and find hope and healing.
It is important to the City, that these items are protected for the victims, the families, the community and future generations.
Today, the History Center staff will begin carefully collecting some of the non-perishable tribute items that have been placed at Lake Eola Park and preserving them at the Orange County Regional History Center.  The City will move all other tribute items to the temporary memorial site at the Seneff Arts Plaza at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts by Monday, June 27.  This work is being done to ensure the protection of these valuable items and to facilitate preparations for one of the City’s signature events for the community, Fireworks at the Fountain.
In the days and weeks ahead, other memorial items will be carefully collected regularly by the History Center staff from the different temporary memorial sites for their long-term preservation at the Orange County Regional History Center.  Flowers will be collected regularly and organically turned into soil that will be used in gardens throughout the City.
For more information, visit thehistorycenter.org.
Permanent Pulse Tragedy Memorial
As the Central Florida community continues to heal from this tragic event, the City stands committed to creating a permanent space that will preserve the memory of those who lost their lives, provide comfort to those who seek it and honor the spirit and love of our great City.
The City is committed to having an open and transparent process that includes input from victims, families and the larger community.  The City will be establishing a community-based committee to oversee the process of creating this meaningful memorial where everyone can remember each of those who were taken from us and the love they brought into this world.
Details including a timeline or a location have not been established.  The City asks for patience as together we continue with this very sensitive and difficult work that will pay tribute to victims, survivors, families and our community.

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