Henao Contemporary Center in Orlando, FL Offers Works from the Nation’s Leading Realism Painters.

Public Opening on December 9, 2016

The Henao Contemporary Center is thrilled to announce their company will be exhibiting, for the first time, a collection of hyper realistic oil paintings in Orlando. The exhibit will enable collectors from Orlando to view and purchase art normally reserved for galleries in larger markets like New York, Washington, LA, Philadelphia, Miami, Edinburgh, London, Barcelona, all of which are cities in which the artists have exhibited before. Local legend Matthew Cornell, the local artist in the show, has exhibited at the Orlando Museum of Art and is the only three time winner of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. His support has been cornerstone to putting the show together for his hometown of Orlando.


Highly celebrated and honored painters Matthew Cornell and David Eichenberg will show paintings alongside a collection of drawings by Steven Assael. All three artists have defined their careers by an intense interest in deep rooted perception, detail, and a technical mastery found only in the highest levels of art.

About Matthew Cornell:

Working at an intimate scale, Matthew Cornell’s oil-on-panel paintings capture a timeless sense of the American coastal and suburban landscape. Cornell was born in California and went to college in Long Beach, accounting for his interest in the water, but he has extensively traveled the United States by road. His photorealistic paintings capture the specific architecture and landscapes of small towns. Each scene seems frozen in the moment the artist witnessed it. His paintings capture time-specific elements such as snow or the sunlight of the magic hour into his work. His paintings of ocean waves are more focused in scale, yet they depict each crest and ripple of the water in the same hyperrealist photographic detail as his landscapes.

About David Eichenberg:

David Eichenberg is an American artist who’s highly realistic paintings are snapped up by collectors in the USA through his New York gallery.

In London he has been shortlisted for the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait awards several times. He was noted by the BBC in what was an ‘outstanding year’, has been the outright winner of one of Americas most prestigious figurative painting awards, has placed top three in many of the most prestigious shows and competitions.

About Steven Assael:

As a child Assael would go to work with his father, who had a fruit stand, and draw the people as they made their way through the market. He is an artist known for creating somewhat haunting psychological portraits and is widely considered one of the Nation’s leading figurative painters.

The Opening Reception for this event to be held:

December 9th, 2016 between the hours of 7pm and 10pm.

For more information please call Jose Henao at 407-272-0317

Henao Contemporary Center is an alternative art space focusing on bringing high level art to Orlando residents and rewarding dedicated local artists of all disciplines with the quality shows they deserve. For more information on the Henao Contemporary Center please visit www.henaocenter.com.



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