Candide-Orlando Philharmonic

img_9672_29639809904_oThe Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra presented Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, the first operetta in the Opera Series mid October. Bernstein’s zany operetta took Candide on a comic adventure around the world, in a delightful piece.

Conducted by Maestro Eric Jacobsen and a stellar cast for Bernstein’s operetta, a fully-costumed production sung in English with super-titles. Voltaire’s biting satire of innocence and optimism with Leonard Bernstein’s witty, TONY-award winning score, Candide is the story a young man (Candide) who sets off with his friends to find the true meaning of life. Their exploits along the way, including separation, war, mistaken identity, kidnapping, murder, and a shipwreck, cause them all to question their philosophy that “all is for the best.” In the end, optimism remains, but good sense prevails.

img_9629_30154926062_o“In this production, Voltaire’s best of all possible worlds becomes the greatest show on Earth, and a modern circus provides a new context in which to explore the humor in violence, the hope in tragedy, our fantasies and our fear” said Alison Moritz, Stage Director.

img_9583_29640352673_oMusic Director Eric Jacobsen and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will be joined by Alison Moritz as Stage Director, John Heginbotham as Choreographer, featuring Miles Mykkanen as Candide, Evan Jones as Pangloss, Sharleen Joynt as Cuégonde, Alex Mansoori as Vanderdendur and Samantha Barnes Daniel as Paquette.

img_9938_30185076831_oThe Operetta was delightful, funny, with a beautiful wardrobe and great voices. Can/t wait to see the next show.

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