To say that Yatin Patel is a creative artist is an understatement. He had many business ventures, all with success, excelled in business and now he does the same with his art, life gave him a chance to follow his dream and he is doing it with outstanding pictures.
The classic Black&White the total absence of color, and still his work screams loud . In reality there is no need of color when you can cause that much impact without it. For the ones that know him also know how important his photography is for him, maybe because there is so much of him in it.
This is not the first time we show his work, and the reason why we do it is because we want more and more people to see it, share it, cherish, recognize it.. To give others the same chance we had when we saw it for the first time, to feel what we felt.
The pictures are large, in hand crafted paper, beautiful work of a Collection named Sutra.

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The most surprising conversation ever.
My first question to her was, “How long have you painted?” She smiled and said since December, just like that. I was very surprised, and even more curious to know how did she get here so fast.
She explained that for her was a short process, after a big emotional shift in her life, she decided to visit her grandmother, an artist that never had all the opportunities of showing her work to the world, but according to Jessilyn a great artist, and on that day she told her,” if I would give my talent to any of my grandchildren, it would be to you. That was enough for Jessilyn to give it a try,”Jessilyn started trying, after finishing her first painting she placed it on Facebook and sold it!
From there, someone that had painted a little before, started the journey of her life.
She is moved by it, people show her affection because her paintings inspire them, bring memories of happy moments, and all this positive energy is bringing her to dedicate herself more and more to her art.
She went to Mexico and studied painting with a world renowned Russian artist named Leonid Afremov, she said, ” He did not speak English, I didn’t speak Russian but I could read his body language and learned his palette knife method that way. Now, today after a few months and communicating with him through his son he finally said she has potential, “and that meant the world to me.” Jessilyn has a full heart, she is ready to take the world with colors, she needs to make people happy, that is important.
Art turnedout so important to her, that she thinks about the day she will be able to dedicate herself 100% to it.
A few months ago her painting won anational contest for a wine label. They liked her work so much they picked an extra painting and now two labels will be designed with her art in it.
Her work was also shown in NY at Time Square and she was thrilled, because it was another milestone accomplished in such little time. Her life changed, she changed, and her work is changing people. During our
photo shoot people stopped and asked, did you paint this? and she smiled and replied, “Yes I did”, and they just hugged her. She made a comment that this type of reaction was become more and more common, and that makes allthe difference.
Jessilyn opened her heart at the end of 2011 and wrote on her profile”The last day of 2011. This is my official goodbye to a year that started off with tremendous heartbreak and broken promises and turned into a year of discovery.Finding my inner-artist again, making new friends and letting go of those that don’t deserve my love, growing both professionally and personally, letting my two angels grow their wings too, moving on and moving out, finally getting into grad school, and most importantly – falling in love with “me” again. Here’s to what only can be an amazing year ahead. To 2012, The Year of Living.

If anyone could predict what was about to happen she did, and she was right, Jessilyn is a success, a fresh moment that you can’tforget, and this is just the beginning. Jessilyn’s Art is a manifestation of many things, feelings of sadness, anger, love, a variety of inspirations that always come from one place, the heart. Do not ever doubt what a positive energy can do with your life, the light gets so big that you start illuminating others.
Laiz Rodrigues



Soco Freire at Baterby’s -Second Fridays-February 2013

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We actually met Soco when we founded HotspotOrlando, we have different ages, but we tune well, there is a big conection, something probably from many lives ago, who knows. Our work kind of take walks together, the Earth around the Sun and we grow together, we our own way, path, and mids. Life has a way to show you the right path, when you are guided by God. Soco’s art has also evolved, a lot, even the difficult moments make her better, nothing can stop her. This is a page from all the articles and some of the pictures we have taken from her and her art, the Art from the Heart. So to all of you that admire color, art and beauty beyond imagination, Enjoy! This is for you!

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