First Baptist Orlando- Ministerio Brasileiro

  Sunday night at Brazilian Ministry. Pray and fortify our Faith, learn that no matter what this is home, this is where we belong, and God fills your heart with light when you are in his house.

Sunday@ Brazilian Ministry-First Baptist Orlando

The heart sometimes can speak loud, really loud! Knowing how the grace of God will touch you deep inside, so deep that you will not believe how fast and unexpected that was, here is our small miracle.

The new Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5

CLICK HERE TO READ THE MAGAZINE Read the New Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5 – It has Macy’s announcements, Snap! Orlando, Ecotourism and much more !      

Pascoa ! Easter Amway Arena ! First Baptist Orlando!

Happy Easter ! Feliz Pascoa ! An Easter celebration at the Amway Arena, Downtown Orlando, that has capacity for approximately 17.461 according to internet sources, and by where I stood only one small section was empty!

February Birthdays in March @ Brazilian Ministry.

Today we celebrated the Birthdays from February. A little late, but from the heart ! Thank you Marta Thompson for the amazing cake !To all of you, Happy Birthday ! May God bless all of you and guide your path, throughout life.

Trazendo a Arca 2012

  Salmo de David.   1 Graças te dou de todo o meu coração; diante dos deuses a ti canto louvores.   2 Inclino-me para o teu santo templo, e louvo o teu nome pela tua benignidade, e pela tua fidelidade; pois engrandecem acima de tudo o teu nome e a tua palavra.   3 No dia em…