The new Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5

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BrazilUSA Magazine second Anniversary.

Two years publishing the first Brazilian Magazine in Orlando, is not a task everyone can accomplish, but BrazilUSA Magazine has served the Community well and is on everybody’s heart as the most loved magazine in the area.

Miss Brazil Mirim – Pageant 2011

From ages 3 to 14 there was abundant beauty, charm, elegance, and talent. They danced, smiled, threw kisses, danced more . But most of all they had one thing in common, lots of friends and family cheering for them, it was priceless.

III Brazilian Business Fair- Launching Cocktail@ Cafe Mineiro Orlando

A Community is what we make of  it, like society has  Family,  Religion and Politics, a Community is also dependent in their believes, fortified by its Church or Churches, the Law and the traditions that each one of us carry through generations, and pass it on to our children, and so on and so forth. Based…


Nova Friburgo foi a cidade onde vivi por muitos anos! My safe heaven, um lugar na memória e no coração de muitos Friburguenses que aqui ainda estão, e que como nos sofrem ao ver tamanha destruição . Para muitos, Friburgo e aquele lugar perfeito da infância, dos amigos na Rua, o” oi” amigo, ao passear pela Avenida Alberto Braune, o sanduiche…