The new Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5

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Valentine’s Day at Cafe Mineiro Orlando

In a beautiful setting all decorated for Valentine’s Day, Cafe Mineiro as usual gave its best, with high quality food and service, treating all their guests with nothing but the Best.

III Brazilian Business Fair Dinner 2011.

It is finally here, the moment we all waited for! We are on a journey of emotions since the launching cocktail on July 16, at Cafe Mineiro. For those who have been following this creative process and  the incessant work of Pastor Silas A.  Pinto the Fair CEO, and his team, who by the way  all…

CFBACC-Happy Hour @ Matteo’s.

Full house ! everybody on the mood to connect, the best thing about these meetings is the fact that,  the day at the office is over, and you can’t wait to unwind, and that is when the happy hour kicks in. Today we had the pleasure to see old friends, some that for a while were…