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Snap! Orlando Dates

Snap! Orlando 2012 Snap! Orlando was conceived and is organized by: PATRICK KAHN / Producer of Snap!, and publisher of The Book LA HOSSEIN FARMANI / Founder and chairman of The Lucie Foundation

Food & Wine Festival at lake Eola.

Rain or shine the festival happened and everyone was there to have a little fun. Despite the rain on Saturday, we had a beautiful sunny Sunday and everybody had a chance to enjoy this great event!

The Orlando Arena (Orena) is gone !

If you have lived in Orlando for a while, you probably have at least one memory of the Old Arena. This place has brought us many good concerts and games and countless shows and now it is gone.

Art at the City of Orlando

Orlando City Beautiful more than anything  is a city that is appreciative of the arts. Downtown Orlando is not only one of the spots chosen to have an Art district but also  houses several Art Galleries, there numerous sculptures throughout town and also we have a Major Downtown Orlando Arts & Entertainment Center is being constructed, right across from the City Hall.

Orlando Mayor Dyer’s 2011 State of Downtown Address

Orlando Mayor Dyer’s 2011 State of Downtown Address “It’s said that when something is loved… it flourishes.  That goes for people… pets… plants… anything.  It certainly goes for a city… and its downtown.  This is the ideology behind the effort we are calling, “Why I Love Orlando.” —Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

A tribute to Downtown Orlando

Orlando the “City Beautiful as I love to hear, is our town. We are originally from Brazil, and have been in the US for 25 years, all of them in Florida, but not all in Central Florida, for  many of these years we were just visitors here, just wondering how it would be to be a…


Lake Como is a great Community and it is a beautiful place. The neighbors are friendly, and warm. We have lived here for almost 4 years, and we have a collection of memories about this place.We made this space for the Bulletin Dennis writes every month and also some pictures that we always take. Here…