Snap ! The overwhelming beauty of images

In my world I ‘d like to have images, color and the human vibration necessary to be happy. I would like enough  sensibility to capture every indispensable moment, but I would also like to be able to share and be patient enough to observe timeless beauty, in whatever way it presents itself. Photography is poetry through the…

Snap! “Motion to Light” will immerse photography lovers in a visual feast featuring some of the most exciting fine art photographers today

Snap! “Motion to Light” will immerse photography lovers in a visual feast featuring some of the most exciting fine art photographers today. Motion to Light features work by top light painters Vicki DaSilva, Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, renowned photographer Jill Greenberg, Martin Stranka,  Jay Mark Johnson and Kerry Skarbakka, and  acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine, whose…

Snap! Day 2 Fashion.

And the celebration continues with more than photography! beautiful people celebrating the moment and the Fashion Show, with beautiful models.

SNAP! 2012

snap! 2012 a new celebration, URBAN WILD, to remind us how crazy human nature can get, and how peaceful the wild is compared to us.

Snap ! Downtown Orlando Projection ! Hosted by Mayor Buddy Dyer

We things everyday, images, people, photos, tv, lots of things in a combination, everyday goes by and all this information is sometimes wasted. Some people have the ability to make these everyday  situations and transform them into something, unusual, creative, wild, and unexpected . Talent is not always obvious, and it takes sometime to absorb it.

The new Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5

CLICK HERE TO READ THE MAGAZINE Read the New Issue ! AboutUS Magazine #5 – It has Macy’s announcements, Snap! Orlando, Ecotourism and much more !      

Snap! Orlando Dates

Snap! Orlando 2012 Snap! Orlando was conceived and is organized by: PATRICK KAHN / Producer of Snap!, and publisher of The Book LA HOSSEIN FARMANI / Founder and chairman of The Lucie Foundation

Yes! we are open for Business !

The Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce opens the year for their monthly Business after hours and it was a Huge success!

snap! Final Considerations.

For us at HotspotOrlando and facebrasil Magazine, first time ever at the exposition  was incredible, we followed everything we could not just to show the Brazilian Community, and their children, but also to learn and absorb as much  as we could about the Art.

Snap! opening reception Downtown Orlando.

It was today at the GAI Building, started at 7 PM,  still daylight, but I couldn’t wait to see everything after dark, in a huge space on the 5th floor, perfect site for such a wonderful exhibition.