First Baptist Orlando- Ministerio Brasileiro

  Sunday night at Brazilian Ministry. Pray and fortify our Faith, learn that no matter what this is home, this is where we belong, and God fills your heart with light when you are in his house.

Sunday@ Brazilian Ministry-First Baptist Orlando

The heart sometimes can speak loud, really loud! Knowing how the grace of God will touch you deep inside, so deep that you will not believe how fast and unexpected that was, here is our small miracle.

First Baptist Orlando-Trazendo a Arca 2011 By Laiz Rodrigues.

Written By Laiz Rodrigues. Photos By Ademar Rodrigues. All photos copyrights belong to HotspotOrlando I was a witness for one of the biggest manifestations of Faith and love through divine music. There were probably 2500 people in the audience, and what a crowd!. They cheered, sing and praised, with the Group Trazendo a Arca.

Chá de Mulheres …

I am a true believer that Faith will take you through life and illuminate you . Faith is an act of your soul, that embraces you and your heart and makes you the one . I went to a tea for women today, and I saw friendship, Faith, women being women on a magical gathering…