This year Globo is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Along with the important moment Superstation Media exclusive Globo International representatives in the US, Jo Cavaignac and Yara Cavaignac, return to Orlando, making important partnerships and showing Globo’s new line of shows with the usual high quality the network presents, justifying to be the second TV station in the world…

The BiBA Surprise! Orlando Loves BIBA!

We had a weekend to remember in Orlando ! Saturday with a great event at Gilson’s -The CFBACC First Annual Feijoada, on Sunday the Superstation Dinner at Nelore Steakhouse in Winter Park, and what could top that all with a cherry on top?! A surprise that Superstation imported from Brazil, The BIBA! A BIBA do Faustão !

Superstation Dinner in Orlando Brings Great Surprises.

Superstation Media – Globo International USA, Latin America and Caribe sole representatives, Joaquim & Yara Cavaignac come to Orlando one more time to share the great News. As Yara says the good and the bad, but in a whole, the powerful Globo has a lot to celebrate.

Supermedia-Globo International @ Nelore Steakhouse-Orlando

The event went on to show the different packages and opportunities in advertisement This year the Globo International Event had a great feeling ! It seemed refreshed with a different approach. Jo & Yara Cavaignac, the habitual hosts, with their charm and welcoming way to conduct the event, were happy to show us all the Good…

Feijoada da Globo International-Superstation Media

The End of the Season for the Brazilian Community in Florida is officially open ! One more tine the Best and the Winners in South Florida were recognized by Superstation Media- Globo International Oficial Representatives in Miami, Joaquim & Yara Cavaignac. A Tradition that repeats itself every year,  now for 12 Years at the Intercontinental…

Globo International brings to Orlando great news!

Today in a wonderful dinner hosted by Jo & Yara Cavaignac , from Globo International, we were presented with great news. Globo International  has different packages to accommodate clients with their needs and also with the opportunity of showing their brand on the Globo site.